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Our workshops are here for you to learn new skills, techniques and possibilites!

All workshops are held at the MakerSpace.


See the Activity Schedule for dates and times of all classes and workshops.


See something you like?  Sign up HERE for any and all workshops on Community Pass.



Quilting and Sewing Workshop - FREE

Instructor: Carol Robbins

Calling all Quilters and Sewers!

This workshop will focus on quilting, with sewing techniques and best practices taught and shared among participants.  The Workshop is open format, allowing for people of all skill levels to participate.  So whether you are new to sewing or a seasoned pro, this will be a great workshop to learn new things, share your knowledge with others and be part of a future larger project, like the creation a of a community quilt.


The MakerSpace has the space and layout for people to layout large swaths of fabric for pattern cutting or working on drapes, blankets, etc.   If quilting is not your thing, but want to work on your own sewing project while being with others with similar passions and interests,  the Quilting and Sewing Workshop is the place for you!


No experience is necessary, and there are no pre-requisites, so you can jump in at any time.


This workshop is 2 hours and there is no experience necessary! 


Every class is an open drop-in event, so no worries if you missed previous workshops!  Come in and join the fun!














Introduction to 3D Printing - FREE


Instructor: Louise Krasniewicz


Held twice a month, this 2 hour session will explain and teach how 3D printing works, how to download designs and send them to the printer, and what the possibilities are.


Have you heard the term “3D printing” but have no idea how it works or whether it would be useful to you? This free workshop will explain the steps in creating a 3D print from downloading free models to scaling objects and making sure they will make a good print. A brief introduction to the concepts will be followed by a hands-on session of preparing and printing 3D objects.


This workshop is free and does not require any previous experience or familiarity with 3D modeling.  Open to all ages 12 and up!


The workshop will be taught by Louise Krasniewicz, an award-winning miniaturist and artist who uses 3D printing for her own projects.



This class will appeal to anyone interested in making things for their hobbies , projects or businesses:


  1. Miniaturists
  2. Model Railroad hobbyists
  3. Model Makers
  4. Doll house groups













Basics of Computer Recording  -  FREE


Instructor: Paul Ritchie


This class will be an introduction to basics of computer recording software and hardware. You will learn the following:

Installing/operating audio interface
operating recording software (garage band)
basics of signal path (recording microphones, DI, midi)
Simple efx processing (eq, compression, delay reverb)
Editing audio
Exporting your audio

This class is for those who are interested in podcasting. recording music, demos, making beats, and working with midi.


This class is free and will be held twice a month for three months, and will repeat.  Your instructor will be Paul Ritchie, a former Adjunct Professor of Music at Monmouth University and owner of a local music recording studio.



Audio class














More workshops are currently in development.  Check back for new workshops as they come available.

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