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MEC:  Micro-controllers, Electronics and Coding


Every Tuesday, October 22th - November 26th, 2019  

3:30 pm - 5 pm

Program Length 6 Sessions

Program fee $10/session


Program Instructor:  Gregory Glezman 


Greg GlezmanGreg worked as an engineer for both large corporate companies as well as a variety of startup firms for nearly 40 years. His work experience includes 14 years at Qualcomm as a Senior Engineer designing and developing software for the cellular network. He was named Distinguished Member of technical staff at ATT Bell Labs where he worked on fiber transmission systems forming the backbone of the internet for 15 years.

Gregory has been described as engaging, a good listener and one who can create good outcomes, professionally as well as inter-personally. He is a retired software engineer. He has an MS in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University and BS in Electrical Engineering from Pratt Institute.

He has lived in Belmar for the past 9 years and is hoping to interest Belmar and local students in the field of software design and coding.





















Enter the exciting world of coding and programming micro-controllers like Arduino!


In this course you will learn the basics of programming a micro-controller to accomplish different tasks.  As you learn the building blocks of coding, you will learn how to assemble the electronics necessary for the coding to perform its tasks, including the use of 3D printed parts, breadboards and wiring.


There is a class limit of 10 participants.  Register NOW for this program at Community Pass.


The course schedule is:


October 22 : Your First Piece of Code

Get to know the basics of coding and the tools you'll be using

October 29: Skills Building 

This session will focus on Skills Building projects that will teach you the coding skills for the next sessions

November 5: Buzzers and Other Sounds

Learn how to program sounds and noises into your projects

November 12 : Give your Computer Vision

Learn how to make your project "see" it surroundings

November 19: The Weather Station Project

Make your own Weather Station

November 26: The Traffic Light Project

Control traffic with this project!


Register NOW for this program at Community Pass.

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