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Arts & Tech




Wednesday, October 23rd & November 6th, 2019  

6 pm - 7:30 pm

These are all individual Single Session Projects

Register for any one or both as you wish!

Program fee $10 each session


Program Instructor:  Louise Krasniewicz

LouiseDr. Louise Krasniewicz is an anthropologist at the University of Pennsylvania specializing in popular culture, new media, comic books, and the use of 3D and virtual reality technology for research.

She is also an artist specializing in miniature photography, small-scale models, 3D printing and laser cutting, miniature gardening, and costuming and cosplay.

She has published biographies of Walt Disney, Johnny Depp, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and is currently writing and designing three graphic novels based on amazing historic women from the 19th century.

ONLINE at Community Pass: 
IN PERSON at the MakerSpace, 503 7th Ave, Belmar
Tues-Wed-Thurs  3pm-8pm



Stop Motion Animation
DATE: Wednesday October 23rd, 3:30pm - 5 pm.
Single session - Program Fee $10 

There is a class limit of 10 participants. 

Register NOW for this program at Community Pass.

Explore the world of stop motion animation in which inanimate objects are made to move. We will first look at examples from Star Wars, the Wallace & Gromit movies, and a few Tim Burton movies.

Then using paper cutout, small objects, LEGO characters, and ourselves, we will create our own fun animations.

Bring your own smart phone, iPad, or laptop computer (either Mac or PC) or use our equipment and software.





Video Editing with iMovie
DATE: Wednesday, November 6,  6pm - 7:30 pm
Single Session Program Fee $10  

There is a class limit of 10 participants. 

Register NOW for this program at Community Pass.

Using short video clips and still images, we will explore the features of the Apple software iMovie for creating exciting videos.

We will learn titling, clip editing, transitions, sound effects and music, and special effects to make a video story with this easy-to-use software which is included free on all Mac computers.

Bring a smart phone, iPad, or flash drive with clips you want to use.

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