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E-Street Pickup


Belmar Public Library's Contactless Curbside Pickup Service 



E-Street Pickup hours are 10 am - 2pm, Mondays thru Fridays


You can now request books, Audiobooks and DVDs from the Belmar Public Library and get them through a contactless method of curbside pickup!


Standard checkout durations apply:

Books and Audio Books may be borrowed for a two-week period.

DVDs may be taken out, two per cardholder, for two days, with some restrictions.


All returned items will be held in 72 hour quarantine before being made available for loan again.


E-Street Pickup Service is available to Permanent  Belmar Library Card Holders only.  Temporary Card Holders are not eligible for Curbside Pickup, however TLC Card Holders may now begin to upgrade to Permanent Status.  See details and procedure below.



Step 1 : Tell Us What you Want!  Ordering materials


You can submit your order for Books, Audiobooks and DVDs in three ways:


Order by Phone:  Call us at 732-681-0775  9 am - 3 pm Monday thru Friday

Order by email:  Send email request to library@belmar.com 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Order via Online Form: Fill out this form online anytime 24/7


All Order Requests should include the following:


Patron Name

Patron phone number

Belmar Library Card Number (if you do not know, we can look it up for you)


Author (if applicable)

Format (Book, Audiobook, DVD)


Once we receive your order, we will check availability and confirm your order via phone or email and schedule a pickup.


All orders must be picked up no later than 2pm the following business day.  Orders that are not picked up by then will be re-shelved and made available for other patrons.


Orders placed during 10 am - 2 pm should be ready for pickup within an hour of confirmation.


Step 2:  Come get your Stuff!   Picking up Materials


You may pick up your order by driving, walking or biking into the Library parking lot located on the E Street side (hence E-Street Pickup) between the hours of 10 am - 2 pm Monday through Friday.


Once in the parking lot, you can either call in their arrival or TEXT (Patron Name) IS HERE to LIBRARY@BELMAR.COM.


A Library Staff member will be out shortly to deliver your order.



Step 3:  Finished?  Bring them Back!  Returning Materials


Loaned materials may be returned in two ways:


     1. Materials may be returned at any time 24/7 by placing them in the Library Drop Box located in the front of the Library.

     2. During E-Street Pickup hours, returned materials may be handed to a Library Staff member  IF you are picking up a new order.  Otherwise please use the Dropbox to minimize contact.



Temporary Library Card Upgrade to Permanent Library Card


NEW First Time Library Card Requests


If you have a Belmar Public Library Temporary Library Card, you may now convert it to Permanent status.

If you don't have a Permanent Library Card you may now get one with E-Street Pickup.


Belmar Residents : Call to arrange your time to come to convert to Permanent.  When you arrive, please be ready to give our staff member two of the following documents :  Drivers License, Utility Bill , Lease or other document that has your name and Belmar address on them.  There is no fee for Belmar residents.


Non-residents from out of town:  Call to arrange your time to convert.  The Non-Resident fee for getting a Belmar Library card is $25.  Please have your $25 fee in cash plus ID when you arrive.


Since the Library is still closed to the public, the Temporary Library Card will remain active for Digital Resources only.  The 30 day clock to renew before expiration will not begin until the Library fully reopens in the future.


The Library Staff member will take your documents inside to our Circulation Desk and enter in your information, issue the Library Card in to our systems, then return with your card and documents.  The process may take up to 10 minutes.


During this time please wait in your vehicle while we process this.

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